QualityWeight g/m²CompositionWeaveFinishOekotex
EFT 46823070% Pes/26% Co
/3% Elastane/1% Antistatic
EffectWater repellent
NKT 42219550% Co/50% Pes2/1 TwillWash and wear
RAT 78321080% Pes/20% PU1/1 PlainLaminated, Water repellent
RAT 786160100% Pes1/1 PlainWater repellent
RES 95924589% Pes/11% ElastaneRipstopWater repellent
RFT 26028075% Pes/25% Co2/2 PanamaWash and wear
TAJ 700225100% Pes2/2 TwillLaminated, Water repellent
TAJ 797200100% Pes2/2 TwillWater repellent
TAT 59529080% Pes/20% Co3/1 TwillWater repellent
TAT 72930070% Pes/30% Co3/1 TwillWater repellent
TAT 73931079% Pes/18% Co/3% Elastane3/1 TwillWater repellent
TAT 75930080% Pes/20% CoEffectWater repellent
TFJ 91824570% Pes/30% Co OE3/1 TwillWater repellent
TFJ 92024576% Pes/20% Co/4% Elastane3/1 TwillWater repellent

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